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About us


Alite provides learning and motivation programmes for educators, developers and parents.  We design and produce world class resources which are distributed globally. We take pride in being the UK's leading name in the practical application of modern learning methods.

The pursuit of our commitment to extend the horizons of possibility for those with whom we work has led to a client base of tens of thousands of individuals and hundreds of organisations both in the UK and overseas.

Alite has worked with colleagues from every education authority in the UK in addition to Europe, North America, the Middle East, Far East, Australia and New Zealand. We draw our experience from around the globe, thus allowing our clients to benefit from cutting-edge learning techniques for themselves, their trainees, students or colleagues.  

Our core products are designed to help students and performers become more autonomous, more self aware and better all round achievers. We do this in two ways: by providing outstanding interactive resources and by providing leading-edge training and development  programmes and consultancy.

Alite resources are easily accessible, constantly updated and designed by experts with years of practical experience.

Alite training programmes and events are delivered in an engaging and imaginative way. Delegates frequently call the programmes 'inspirational'. Many say they have been 'life changing'.

To learn more about Alite's range of products and services, please contact us