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Developing Independent and Enquiring Learners


For many years we have collaborated with schools in developing whole school approaches towards independent learning. Our L2 programme has been used by over 1,000 schools and colleges in the UK. The collaboration with the schools in the L2 network led to the publication of the highly successful Learning to Learn in Schools:The L2 Approach.


We provide resources for classrooms and training in the approaches. Our expertise includes


  • Developing contextualized approaches to independent and enquiry based learning
  • Co-construction of resources
  • Identifying and Developing Learning Behaviours in your student body
  • Benchmarking against other approaches
  • Use of our own software and resources
  • Student impact surveys


Case Study

Our work with Cramlington Learning Village started in 1995 and has gained global attention. CLV manages to combine innovative pedagogy with leading edge use of ICT and Social media. Our learning model, used since 1995 by CLV, has been recognized by the TEEP programme as the basis of their classroom approach. we have trailed, developed and evaluated classroom learning programmes based on our 5 R's of great learning:


      1. Resilience
      2. Responsibility
      3. Resourcefulness
      4. Reasoning
      5. Reflection


Hundreds of visitors come annually to CLV to see the L2 programme and the AL Cycle embedded into practice. The CLV Learning Festival in June is one of the best home grown teacher development experiences!


“Our long-term partnership with Alite and with Alistair Smith has helped us ensure our approach to learning is constantly being tested against the world's best. Our staff are young, committed and eager to take ideas. We want to go beyond leaping through hoops and be recognized as leading practitioners in effective learning…"
Mark Lovatt, Deputy Head, Cramlington Learning Village