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Improving Learning and Teaching Post-16


We have been involved with a number of Sixth Form Colleges and Post-16 providers to look at teaching and learning with older students. Our starting point has bee to engage the staff and teaching support community in looking at what we know are the most impactful teaching methods post-16. We can then help develop a systemic approach to embedding these methods. We are often asked to work on the following;


  • Observation of practice
  • Identification of the common teaching and learning issues
  • The challenge of motivating and engaging students Post-!6
  • Balancing Coverage versus Depth in short lesson inputs
  • Learning beyond the classroom: better use of social media
  • Benefitting from effective subject improvement teams


Case study

At Ashton Under Lyne Sixth Form College in east Manchester an institution with 2000 16-19 year olds offering A Levels and Level 2 and 3 vocational courses and having a large Adult Ed' population. We led training on effective learning and teaching and looked at how the college community could sustain a positive aspirational climate for every student.


"We had a really great experience, and especially useful for the staff as we were told the day before we were to be inspected by OFSTED. Many thanks!"
Sheridan Lewis, Head of CPD, Ashton Sixth Form College