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Outstanding and Beyond


The most recent research shows clearly what works in classrooms*. We use our knowledge of what works to help you lever up the quality of learning in your school. We have taken time to define what 'outstanding' looks like. We have landmarked the journey to achieve this and we have shown what its like to go 'beyond outstanding.' Our methods would be to work with you and:

  • Identify and share the characteristics of great learning with your school community
  • Plan together for classroom improvement
  • Observe and give feedback
  • Develop individuals and teams
  • Share successes and embed best practice
  • Give recommendations on the use of data analysis software and observation technology


Case Study

We worked with a group of key staff at Blessed George Napier School, Banbury, with aim of improving learning and teaching skills so that they achieve a consistently "outstanding" grading.


We worked on peer observation, learning tasks with guided reflection between taught sessions and each teacher was observed twice by the Alite Trainer and given carefully targeted coaching feedback for improvement.


"We have had more outstanding gradings from all the teachers involved in the course based on classroom observations and learning walks as well as enhanced coaching across departments"

Chris Martin, Assistant Headteacher, Blessed George Napier School



Spending for Learning: what gives you very high impact for low cost? According to research published in May 2011* the most effective strategies are:


  • Effective feedback
  • Meta-cognition and self-regulation strategies
  • Peer assisted learning
  • Early intervention


Our work on coaching, classroom learning behaviours and learning to learn aligns directly

with the findings of The Sutton Trust