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Securing the Basics of Classroom Practice


Great learning occurs when the science of learning informs and directs the art of teaching. It's not easy. It takes years of the right sort of practice to develop the skills to become expert. Some say as much as 10,000 hours! We work with your staff to groove in these skills through:


  • Being secure in the principles of learning
  • Reinforcing learning behaviours
  • The BASICS of every learning environment
  • Lesson planning based on a learning model
  • Active engagement of all students
  • Improving assessment and feedback
  • Securing transfer
  • Performing in examinations – some hidden secrets


Case Study

At Crickhowell High School in Powys have begun working with us on improving the quality of learning and teaching. All staff spent significant time sharing features of outstanding learning from their experience and against our benchmarks.


Next steps are a Learning Value Audit, strategic consultancy and targeted training for Middle Leaders and Lead Learners. Alite will be working with the school to facilitate training at the end of the school year where school staff will lead sessions highlighting their research.


"Inspirational training – members of staff have said to me that the training was the best we have ever had in the school. All staff are energised and eager to embed the great ideas and strategies into their practice in the classroom."

Jackie Parker, Headteacher, Crickhowell High School



After a Learning Value Audit which highlighted areas of development need, a programme was negotiated with The Sutton Academy in St Helens that included, Middle Leader training, Lead Learner training, a launch training day, NQT training, developing student voice in learning and targeted training on such areas the BASICS for Effective Learning, reinforcing learning behaviours, lesson planning using the accelerated learning cycle, strategies for active engagement and great group work.


"Since working with Alite the quality of learning and teaching in the classroom, assessed by our school Improvement Partner and our own classroom observations, has moved from satisfactory to good. There has been a shift in culture among staff and students with learning to the fore. The engagement and motivation of students has risen across the academy"

David Terry, Principal, Sutton Academy, St Helens.